Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just Wondering?

Do you think that blogs will ever be a thing of the past? I have had my little blog here for 4 years! Wow, and my posts are slowly getting further and further apart...which is sad, because I love looking back at previous posts as sort of a journal to my life. I have also noticed that my friends and families update their blogs just about as frequently as I do... except those few really good journal bloggers that I really do look up to. So what do you think? Are blogs on the downhill?


AtSmith said...

I think blogs have always been around ... since the internet began. They came in different forms and names, but they've always been and always will be part of the web ... as long as people want others to know that they're still alive!

Jennifer said...

how funny. i was just thinking the same thing as i was looking at my own and other friends! they were fun and i love people who do update theirs but it seems like personal blogs are slowly dwindling and we fill out time with news blogs and lifestyle blogs.